114th Congress Keyvotes Senate S36-2012
Last Updated on: 08/03/17  

State Authority for Transportation Spending

Vote# S36-2012

Vote Result on 2012-03-13
30 to 67



Vote Description

The amendment would turn back control of transportation spending to the states. Currently, Americans pay 18.4 cents per gallon of gasoline to the federal government. That tax is funneled into the federal Highway Trust Fund, and then doled back to the states via complex congressional formulas.

Heritage Action Position

This dynamic creates “donor” and “recipient” states. Donor states give more gas tax money to the government than they receive back, while recipient states receive more gas tax money than they pay in. Americans are paying into a system that is supposed to help their state, but all too often they are not getting a good return on their investment.State and local governments are becoming increasingly concerned with the uncertainty created by Washington. Instead of playing middleman, Congress should get out of the highway business and empower states to keep their own money. States could have an element of certainty and would be freed from the costly and cumbersome strings that come attached with federal monies.

UT Sen. Mike Lee R 100%
KY Sen. Rand Paul R 85%
ID Sen. Michael Crapo R 82%
AL Sen. Richard Shelby R 82%
ID Sen. Jim Risch R 81%
AL Sen. Jeff Sessions R 78%
FL Sen. Marco Rubio R 73%
LA Sen. David Vitter R 68%
OK Sen. James Inhofe R 66%
AR Sen. John Boozman R 64%
KS Sen. Jerry Moran R 63%
PA Sen. Patrick Toomey R 59%
WY Sen. Mike Enzi R 57%
NV Sen. Dean Heller R 55%
WY Sen. John Barrasso R 54%
IA Sen. Charles Grassley R 53%
IN Sen. Daniel Coats R 52%
MS Sen. Roger Wicker R 52%
GA Sen. Johnny Isakson R 51%
KS Sen. Pat Roberts R 51%
TN Sen. Bob Corker R 50%
SD Sen. John Thune R 50%
AZ Sen. John McCain R 49%
MO Sen. Roy Blunt R 47%
TX Sen. John Cornyn R 47%
WI Sen. Ron Johnson R 45%
NC Sen. Richard Burr R 40%
ND Sen. John Hoeven R 40%
KY Sen. Mitch McConnell R 40%
AK Sen. Lisa Murkowski R 35%
UT Sen. Orrin Hatch R 33%
MS Sen. Thad Cochran R 30%
SC Sen. Lindsey Graham R 30%
OH Sen. Rob Portman R 28%
TN Sen. Lamar Alexander R 26%
NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte R 25%
VT Sen. Bernard Sanders I 23%
WV Sen. Joe Manchin III D 21%
OR Sen. Jeff Merkley D 17%
ME Sen. Susan Collins R 16%
IL Sen. Mark Kirk R 14%
NV Sen. Harry Reid D 13%
NY Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand D 12%
MT Sen. Jon Tester D 12%
OR Sen. Ron Wyden D 12%
CT Sen. Richard Blumenthal D 9%
MD Sen. Benjamin Cardin D 9%
PA Sen. Bob Casey D 9%
NJ Sen. Robert Menendez D 9%
RI Sen. Jack Reed D 9%
NY Sen. Charles Schumer D 9%
NM Sen. Tom Udall D 9%
OH Sen. Sherrod Brown D 7%
WA Sen. Maria Cantwell D 7%
DE Sen. Thomas Carper D 7%
MN Sen. Al Franken D 7%
VT Sen. Patrick Leahy D 7%
WA Sen. Patty Murray D 7%
VA Sen. Mark Warner D 7%
RI Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse D 7%
CO Sen. Michael Bennet D 5%
CA Sen. Barbara Boxer D 5%
IL Sen. Richard Durbin D 5%
MN Sen. Amy Klobuchar D 5%
MO Sen. Claire McCaskill D 5%
MD Sen. Barbara Mikulski D 5%
MI Sen. Debbie Stabenow D 5%
DE Sen. Christopher Coons D 2%
CA Sen. Dianne Feinstein D 2%
FL Sen. Bill Nelson D 2%
NH Sen. Jeanne Shaheen D 2%
AK Sen. Mark Begich D 0%
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