114th Congress Keyvotes Senate S124-2013
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Water Resources Development Act of 2013

Vote# S124-2013

Vote Result on 2013-05-15
83 to 14



Vote Description

The Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2013 (S.601) would authorize federal spending on an array of water resource projects, including for ports, harbors, inland waterways, beaches, and wetlands, most of which are run by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that S.601 outlays will be $12.2 billion over the fiscal year 2014-2023 period, though the substitute amendment will drive that cost significantly higher.

Heritage Action Position

In a time of record deficits, this is no time to be spending billions more on many activities that would be more appropriately funded and managed by states, localities, or the private sector. For years, the Federal government has placed local-government and private-sector activities (such as beach replenishment, hydropower generation, flood control, and recreation facility construction and management) into the Army Corps of Engineers’ mission. For example, S.601 continues paying for the Corps’s 4,200-plus recreation areas. It also extends the life of beach nourishment projects by 15 years even though the projects have already lasted for 50 years. This federal spending on a local priority is akin to subsidizing wealthy owners of beachfront property. The bill also creates the National Endowment for the Oceans, designed to promote global warming policies under the guise of protection and conservation of the United States ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes ecosystem. As The Heritage Foundation’s Emily Goff notes, before adding on any additional projects, the Corp and lawmakers need to further address the $60 billion backlog of 1,000 studies and projects and cancel funding for those that are unwarranted.

UT Sen. Mike Lee R 100%
TX Sen. Ted Cruz R 94%
KY Sen. Rand Paul R 85%
ID Sen. Michael Crapo R 82%
AL Sen. Richard Shelby R 82%
ID Sen. Jim Risch R 81%
SC Sen. Tim Scott R 78%
AL Sen. Jeff Sessions R 78%
FL Sen. Marco Rubio R 73%
LA Sen. David Vitter R 68%
AZ Sen. Jeff Flake R 67%
OK Sen. James Inhofe R 66%
AR Sen. John Boozman R 64%
NE Sen. Deb Fischer R 64%
KS Sen. Jerry Moran R 63%
PA Sen. Patrick Toomey R 59%
WY Sen. Mike Enzi R 57%
NV Sen. Dean Heller R 55%
WY Sen. John Barrasso R 54%
IA Sen. Charles Grassley R 53%
IN Sen. Daniel Coats R 52%
MS Sen. Roger Wicker R 52%
GA Sen. Johnny Isakson R 51%
KS Sen. Pat Roberts R 51%
TN Sen. Bob Corker R 50%
SD Sen. John Thune R 50%
AZ Sen. John McCain R 49%
MO Sen. Roy Blunt R 47%
TX Sen. John Cornyn R 47%
WI Sen. Ron Johnson R 45%
NC Sen. Richard Burr R 40%
ND Sen. John Hoeven R 40%
KY Sen. Mitch McConnell R 40%
AK Sen. Lisa Murkowski R 35%
UT Sen. Orrin Hatch R 33%
MS Sen. Thad Cochran R 30%
SC Sen. Lindsey Graham R 30%
OH Sen. Rob Portman R 28%
TN Sen. Lamar Alexander R 26%
NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte R 25%
VT Sen. Bernard Sanders I 23%
MA Sen. Elizabeth Warren D 23%
WV Sen. Joe Manchin III D 21%
IN Sen. Joe Donnelly D 18%
OR Sen. Jeff Merkley D 17%
ME Sen. Susan Collins R 16%
IL Sen. Mark Kirk R 14%
NV Sen. Harry Reid D 13%
NY Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand D 12%
NM Sen. Martin Heinrich D 12%
MT Sen. Jon Tester D 12%
OR Sen. Ron Wyden D 12%
CT Sen. Richard Blumenthal D 9%
MD Sen. Benjamin Cardin D 9%
PA Sen. Bob Casey D 9%
ND Sen. Heidi Heitkamp D 9%
NJ Sen. Robert Menendez D 9%
CT Sen. Christopher Murphy D 9%
RI Sen. Jack Reed D 9%
NY Sen. Charles Schumer D 9%
NM Sen. Tom Udall D 9%
WI Sen. Tammy Baldwin D 7%
OH Sen. Sherrod Brown D 7%
WA Sen. Maria Cantwell D 7%
DE Sen. Thomas Carper D 7%
MN Sen. Al Franken D 7%
HI Sen. Mazie Hirono D 7%
ME Sen. Angus King I 7%
VT Sen. Patrick Leahy D 7%
WA Sen. Patty Murray D 7%
VA Sen. Mark Warner D 7%
RI Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse D 7%
CO Sen. Michael Bennet D 5%
CA Sen. Barbara Boxer D 5%
IL Sen. Richard Durbin D 5%
MN Sen. Amy Klobuchar D 5%
MO Sen. Claire McCaskill D 5%
MD Sen. Barbara Mikulski D 5%
HI Sen. Brian Schatz D 5%
MI Sen. Debbie Stabenow D 5%
DE Sen. Christopher Coons D 2%
CA Sen. Dianne Feinstein D 2%
VA Sen. Tim Kaine D 2%
FL Sen. Bill Nelson D 2%
NH Sen. Jeanne Shaheen D 2%
AK Sen. Mark Begich D 0%
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